ModSite Computer Program

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  • Robert Gilbert, Ph.D. , Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Mickey McBrayer, Ph.D. , Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Background/unmet need

There exists a need to teach groundwater modeling skills at the university and professional level.

Invention Description

Prior to the creation of the ModSite program, no computer software existed that could be used to teach contaminant transport modeling. ModSite is a Windows-based program written in Microsoft Visual C++.


    The advantages of the software are that it can present users with a visual experience of modeling sites with groundwater contamination and can provide students with problem-solving practice in a real-world situation.


    The program provides a visual framework whereby users can calibrate three groundwater models with contaminant concentration data. Users can create sites, model contaminant transport at these sites, and calibrate models with data from these sites.

Market potential/applications

ModSite was developed for applications in college-level classes as part of a student dissertation. However, the software has applications as a training tool for industrial applications as well.

Development Stage

Commercial product

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