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  • Robert Gilbert, Ph.D. , Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Mickey McBrayer, Ph.D. , Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Bernard Briggs, Jr. , Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Background/unmet need

The need exists for students at all levels to study real-world problems. However, time and financial constraints prevent such real-world studies. SimSite was written to simulate real-world situations.

Invention Description

SimSite is a computer simulation application programmed in Microsoft Visual C++ for the Windows 95 environment. The purpose of this program is to simulate a Superfund site investigation to evaluate the need for remediation. (A Superfund site is an uncontrolled or abandoned area where hazardous waste is located that could possibly affect local ecosystems or people.)


    SimSite provides students with problem-solving practice on a real-world engineering problem.


    SimSite contains four different investigation devices: boreholesmonitoring wellspiezometersdirect push testsThe application tracks costs, allowing users to monitor their expendituresTime can be advanced by day or by yearBackground information about the Superfund site can be gatheredA help file explains aspects of site investigationsThe final simulation can be saved for future use

Market potential/applications

SimSite was originally developed for applications in high school physics, calculus, chemistry, and environmental science classes. However, the tool has applications in college-level classes and as a training tool for industrial applications. SimSite was produced in part with a grant from the Texas Advanced Technology Program and the National Science Foundation.

Development Stage

Commercial product

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