LSMPQS: a software package for simulating fluid displacement in porous media

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  • Masa Prodanovic, Ph.D. , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Invention Description

LSMPQS is a software package for simulating capillarity-controlled, immiscible fluid displacement (drainage and imbibition) in porous media. The software implements a novel level-set method-based progressive quasi-static algorithm.


  • The porous medium can be of arbitrary complexity, described analytically (e.g., sphere packs) or from segmented images of real rocks.
  • No pre-set parameters other than detailed description of the porous medium are needed.
  • The fluid configurations obtained from LSMPQS simulation are detailed and quantifying saturation, volumes, interfacial areas, etc., is straightforward. Having suitable geometry, you can obtain capillary-pressure curves or study pore-scale phenomena in a small ensemble of pores.
  • LSMPQS is developed on Linux, and should compile on any Unix-like system (on Windows try Cygwin). C/C++ and FORTRAN compilers are required.

Market potential/applications

Subsurface flow applications (environmental and petroleum engineering, hydrology, soil science)

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