RICE: Rapid Interconnect Circuit Evaluator

Physical Sciences : Electrical

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  • Lawrence Pileggi, Ph.D. , Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Curtis Ratzlaff , Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Nanda Gopal, Ph.D. , Electrical and Computer Engineering

Background/unmet need

Existing software being used for timing analysis falls into two cateqories: 1) extremely slow and very accurate (e.g., SPICE) or 2) verv fast, inaccurate, and topology-limited. RICE bridges this problem, in that it is very fast while retaining accuracy comparable to SPICE. Additionallv, it does not restrict the complexity of the RLC circuit models.

Invention Description

RICE is a software tool that allows a verv rapid characterization of RLC interconnect circuit models for the primary purpose of timinq analysis in digital VLSI circuits, multichip modules, and related timinq analysis problems. RICE is a collection of efficiently implemented specialized algorithms that allow very efficient, yet very accurate,
analysis of RLC circuit models.


  • Produces a reduced-order analytical model that completely characterizes the signal
  • Bypasses the numerical instabilities of earlier methods
  • Guarantees stable approximations for stable circuits

Market potential/applications

Additional applications of the RICE software and techniques include transmission line characterization, VLSI power distribution analysis, and timing-driven placement algorithms.