Regeneration of an Aqueous Solution from an Acid Gas Absorption Process by Matrix Stripping

Physical Sciences : Chemical

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  • Gary Rochelle, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • Babatunde Oyenekan , Chemical Engineering

Invention Description

A unique flow configuration has been developed for regeneration of aqueous amine solvent used to remove and concentrate CO2 from combustion gases or other gases. This matrix stripper reduces the heat and compression duty required to generate pressurized CO2 from a conventional acid gas treating process that uses absorption/stripping with an aqueous solvent.


    The new stripper process will reduce the energy consumption for solvent regeneration by 15% to 30%. It will especially be useful in systems such as power plants where energy use and integration will be critical and in plants where the CO2 product must be further compressed for sequestration or other uses.

Market potential/applications

The new stripper process is applicable to acid gas removal by aqueous absorption/stripping. It will be especially attractive for CO2 capture from combustion gases and to systems such as CO sequestration requiring further compression of the acid gas product.

IP Status

  • 2 foreign patents issued
  • 1 U.S. patent issued: 7,901,487