UTWID 7.0 for Injection Water Management

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  • Mukul Sharma, Ph.D. , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
  • Ajay Suri, Ph.D. , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
  • Phani Gadde, MSE , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Background/unmet need

Injection water management is a critical component to offshore well operation.

Invention Description

UTWID allows the user to address: How clean is clean? What filtration specs should I use? Can I inject raw seawater? How much oil in produced water will my injection well tolerate? How fast is a fracture growing? How often will the injection well require remedial treatment to regain injectivity? What is the right balance between injection water treatment costs and injection well stimulation costs? Should I fracture the injection wells?


    Reduced risk and optimal operation of water injection wells.


    Simulation of Core Flow Tests Model injectivity decline of coresCompare results from coreflood experimentsDetermine rock filtration properties to be used for field cases Simulation of Injectivity Decline and Fracture Growth in Vertical Wells Model injectivity decline of vertical wells due to plugging by suspended particlesCan handle both openhole and perforated completionsPredict the initiation and growth of injection well fractures due to particle pluggingAccount for thermal stresses and pore pressure effectsCan handle injection and fracture growth into non-communicating multi-layered reservoirs Simulation of Injectivity Decline in Horizontal Wells Model injectivity decline in horizontal wells Can handle both openhole and perforated cases

Market potential/applications

UTWID is a software simulation tool for well operators.

Development Stage

Commercial product

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