Compatibility Assessment of Educational Programs

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  • Bonnie Hamill, B.A. , Educational Administration
  • Joan Vasbinder, M.A. , Educational Administration
  • Dee Carney, B.S. , Educational Administration

Background/unmet need

The nation’s public school system is poorly designed to aid certain students who are at risk, entering the mainstream educational system. The accelerated school concept works to bring at-risk students into the educational mainstream by building on their natural strengths and by having consistently high expectations for them, regardless of their backgrounds.

Invention Description

This tool allows schools to analyze existing programs and/or potential programs to see if they are compatible with the Accelerated Schools Project, specifically Powerful Learning and other components of Accelerated Schools. It is not intended to rate any program as good or bad, but rather to create a set of standards or principles with which to determine if the school complies with requirements/guidelines.


    The program provides a comprehensive method for educators to determine how to establish an accelerated school, develop curriculum for accelerated learning, and set up educational resources delivered by university experts through web site resources and training sessions.


    Designed for specific alignment with the Accelerated Schools Process and Powerful Learning

Market potential/applications

The National Center for Accelerated Schools would be interested in this work.

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