SQLizer: Synthesizing SQL Queries from Natural Language

Computing & Wireless : Utility Software

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  • Isil Dillig, Ph.D. , Computer Science
  • Thomas Dillig, Ph.D. , Computer Science
  • Navid Yaghmazadeh, Ph.D. , Computer Science
  • Yuepeng Wang, B.E. , Computer Science

Background/unmet need

Although many end-users need to query data stored in some relational database, they typically lack the expertise to write complex queries in declarative query languages such as SQL. This software (SQLizer) presents a new technique for automatically synthesizing SQL queries from natural language (NL).

Invention Description

SQLizer is a software that can generate SQL queries from a natural language (English) description. It can therefore be used by end-users to retrieve relevant information from a relational database without having to learn any formal query language whatsoever.


    SQLizer is fully automatic, which means it does not require guidance from the user other than the given English description. It is also database-agnostic, which means it can be used to generate queries on different databases without any database-specific training or customization.


    SQLizer is implemented in C++ and Java. It uses SEMPRE framework to build a semantic parser for query sketch generation.

Market potential/applications

Companies that work on business intelligence and analytics and/or data management and analysis.