Further enhanced screening curve tool

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  • Ross Baldick, Ph.D. , Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Tong Zhang , Electrical & Computer Engineering

Background/unmet need

The electric power system is a complex and expensive system. It is important to study what the future power system will be to save money and maintain reliability. The existing commercial generation capacity expansion models, such as AURORAxmp and PLEXOS, are all based on mathematical optimization programming, and it usually takes a long time to run these models. The Screening Curve method deals with the expansion problem from a different way, resulting in a reasonable accuracy and much faster operating time.

Invention Description

The Further Enhanced Screening Curve Tool is an intuitive and fast model that estimates the least-cost generation mix for generation planning purposes. It is able to calculate an economically adapted generation mix for a target load duration curve within a few seconds. Innovations in this tool include the representation of existing capacity and the consideration of maintenance outages.


  • 500 times faster than existing models
  • Improved accuracy and modeling fidelity


  • Coded in C#
  • User-friendly interfaces

Market potential/applications

Generator investors may be interested in using this tool to gain better understanding about the future generation mix.

Development Stage

Commercial product