A New Approach for Modeling Oil Recovery using Low Salinity Water Injection

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  • Emad Walid Al-Shalabi, Ph.D. , Petroleum Engineering Department
  • Kamy Sepehrnoori, Ph.D. , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
  • Mojdeh Delshad, Ph.D. , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Background/unmet need

Accurate modeling of oil recovery-related processes is essential for oil recovery predictions upon which oil and gas companies rely for their revenues and economic profit. Current methods to model oil recovery processes have been performed using a single conventional scaling factor through the interpolation method. These methods are inaccurate because they rely upon that assumption that oil and water phases will behave similarly in nature. Researchers at The University of Texas have developed a novel and more accurate approach to the interpolation method by modeling the Low Salinity Water Injection (LSWI) technique. This new technique improves upon existing methods by appropriately modeling oil and water phases according to their own unique properties.

Invention Description

This new LSWI approach leads to a better prediction of oil recovery by shedding light on the mechanism controlling incremental oil recovery by LSWI. Since evidence suggests that low-salinity water injection is more sensitive to oil relative permeability compared to water relative permeability, this invention uses two different scaling factors to model water and oil phases separately using the interpolation method.


  • Better oil recovery predictions, leading to precise decision making, profit maximization, and risk quantification for oil and gas companies
  • Double-layer expansion mechanism allows for predictions without the need for measuring water relative permeability curves.


  • Provides accurate modeling of oil recovery related processes by better understanding the different factors controlling both water and oil phases
  • Leads to better understanding the mechanism controlling incremental oil recovery by LSWI

Market potential/applications

Oil and gas companies

Development Stage

Proof of concept

IP Status

  • 1 U.S. patent application filed