3D Body Modeling and Measurement

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  • Bugao Xu, Ph.D. , Division of Textiles and Apparel
  • Wurong Yu, M.S. , Human Ecology
  • Ming Yao , University of Texas at Austin
  • Jingjing Sun , Human Ecology
  • Wenbin Ouyang , Division of Textiles and Apparel

Background/unmet need

Information on human body dimensions and body fat composition is important in many industries, including healthcare, the clothing industry, and animation for movies and video games. However, obtaining this information through current methods such as tape measurement or underwater weighing are inconvenient and often inaccurate. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a novel software named 3D Body Modeling and Measurement that provides image acquisition, surface reconstruction, and body measurement functions. The unique features of this software, including stereo matching, surface modeling, and dimension extraction algorithms, result in increased efficiency and accuracy in body dimension estimation.

Invention Description

3D Body Modeling and Measurement software acquires the three dimensional (3D) surface model and dimensions of a human body by using non-contact optical devices and 3D computer graphics techniques. It contains programs that perform 3D surface reconstruction (3D points), surface modeling (3D digital model), and body measurement (body landmarks, curve, circumference, volume). The system possesses advantages over current technologies in the following aspects: ease of portability, low cost, simple maintenance, and a short image acquisition time that makes it more suitable for child subjects. The intended users include professionals in health care, fitness clubs, custom clothing, and retail business.


  • Accurate and efficient
  • Easy to transport to multiple locations
  • Low cost and simple maintenance


  • Non-contact determination of anthropometric information
  • Short acquisition time

Market potential/applications

Healthcare, obesity research, medication dosage determination, plastic surgery, clothing industry, animation

Development Stage

Beta product/commercial prototype