Fiber Polarization Optical Tomography System to Gather Birefringence in Transparent/Turbid Media

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  • Digant Dave, Ph.D. , Biomedical Engineering
  • Thomas Milner, Ph.D. , Biomedical Engineering

Background/unmet need

Functional information in some biological systems is transient, which poses a problem when needing information on all functional components in media. Many laser surgical procedures rely on birefringence changes in subsurface tissue components, and many current technologies have been unable to provide accurate information. Current optical tomography systems use bulk setups to gather birefringence measurements. A fiber non-polarizing optical tomography has been successful in gathering birefringence data, but multiple measurements have to be taken in order to get accurate results.

Invention Description

This invention is a fiber polarization optical tomography system that measures depth resolved birefringence in transparent or turbid media. The invention provides additional contrast mechanism that can be used to identify or image structural components. Potential for laser surgical procedures involving biological materials.


    Not a bulky systemProbe sites that otherwise cannot be interrogatedRobust fiber systemPortable fiber systemAlignment free fiber system


    Integrated with other micro-systemsRemoves random environmental perturbationsPolarization state of light controlled

Market potential/applications

The inventions application has a huge influence on biology, material characterization, and medicine. Further marketing application could be in dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology and laser surgical procedures.

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