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  • Gary Rochelle, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • Brent Sherman , Chemical Engineering
  • Yu-Jeng Lin , University of Texas at Austin
  • Darshan Sachde , University of Texas at Austin
  • Chao Wang, M.S. , Chemical Engineering
  • Jorge Plaza, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • Peter Frailie II, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • David Van Wagener, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • Stephanie Freeman, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • Qing Xu, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering
  • Bich-Thu Nguyen, Ph.D. , Chemical Engineering

Background/unmet need

Existing coal-fired power plants in the United States provide about 50% of the total power generated nationally and represent more than 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. In an effort to reduce these emissions, amine scrubbing has been developed. However, amine scrubbing for CO2 capture requires a rate-based model for accurate simulation. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed Independence, a rate-based modeling software that accurately simulates the absorber and incorporates a rigorous thermodynamic representation for simulations of the energy requirement of the stripper.

Invention Description

This software provides a rigorous rate-based model of the methyldiethanolamine (MDEA)/piperazine (PZ) solvent. This version incorporates the most recent thermodynamic data on CO2 solubility, amine volatility, heat capacity, and NMR speciations. The rate modeling includes updated correlations of viscosity, diffusion coefficients, and rate constants to represent the data measured in the wetted wall column. It works best for the following solvent compositions: 8 m PZ, 5 m PZ, 5 m MDEA/5 m PZ and 7 m MDEA/2 m PZ.


  • Superior design tool for piperazine solvents
  • Accurately simulates amine scrubbing


    This rigorous model in AspenPlus Ratesep uses the most recent thermodynamic and rate data for these solvent systems

Market potential/applications

Oil and Gas Industry

Development Stage

Beta product/commercial prototype