CII Performance Assessment System

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  • Stephen Mulva, Ph.D. , University of Texas at Austin
  • Hong Zhao, M.S. , University of Texas at Austin
  • Jiukun Dai , University of Texas at Austin
  • Matt Ondrey , University of Texas at Austin

Background/unmet need

In the construction and engineering industry, it is important to be able to compare project performance results in real time in order to increase efficiency. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed CII’s Performance Assessment System (PAS), which is the technological application for CII’s General (Benchmarking) Program for capital projects in the engineering and construction industry. PAS is a hosted web application that consists of a questionnaire, key report, and data mining engine. PAS is unique in that it may be the first benchmarking platform to feature real-time, online data mining. The purpose of PAS is to compare project performance results in cost, schedule, change, rework, safety, and productivity with other similar projects collected by CII.

Invention Description

CII’s (Construction Industry Institute’s) PAS Program makes the gathering of project performance data efficient for CII. On the back end, the Key Report and Data Mining functionality of PAS makes getting project performance information out of the system very easy for CII’s member organizations. PAS contains over 200 key performance indicators (KPIs) which can be filtered by over 200 separate criteria and variables in the Data Miner. This is done in real time with a customized display of quartiles for each metric selected. For CII, PAS greatly lowers the number of data requests completed, saving valuable time preparing customized analyses for each CII member organization. For the member companies, PAS allows for the creation of custom analyses of project performance data in CII’s database. It also contains industry-specific extensions for upstream oil and gas projects, healthcare projects, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology projects. Intended users are any facility owner or general contractor that plans and executes capital projects in the industrial, commercial building, and heavy civil construction sectors.


  • Real-time, online data mining
  • 200 key performance indicators


  • Project performance questionnaires, key reports, and data mining engine
  • Customized analyses for each organization
  • Industry-specific extensions

Market potential/applications

Industrial, commercial building, and heavy civil construction sectors

Development Stage

Beta product/commercial prototype