Ontoexplorer and Emerald

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  • Daniel Miranker, Ph.D. , Computer Science
  • Aibo Tian
  • Mayank Kejriwal , Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Juan Sequeda , Computer Science

Background/unmet need

Emerging standards are facilitating the creation of a graph representation of data, RDF (resource description framework). With the proliferation of data sources comes a requirement to be able to search and query one or more of these sources. Current methods for searching these sources are ad-hoc and labor-intensive. Researchers at The University of Texas have created Ontoexplorer and Emerald, an efficient tool that systematizes the development of faceted search interfaces.

Invention Description

In conjunction with software system Ultrawrap, Ontoexplorer and Emerald form a basis for creating faceted search interfaces for one or more relational databases. This technology is an ontology-based data integration (OBDI) system that makes maximal use of Semantic Web technologies and the development of automatic techniques to support distributed data application. Conventional mapping processes restrict matchings to be between the same types of entities, which only cover part of real-world cases. By implementing two automatic systems that generate mappings consisting of classes, properties, and data values, Ontoexplorer and Emerald offers an improvement over conventional processes.


  • Replaces ad-hoc coding with a systematic way of bringing up such search functionality
  • Able to query large sets of data


    Java, browser-based application 

Market potential/applications

Dot-coms and data integration companies

Development Stage

Proof of concept