Multiscale-Multiphysics Network Simulator

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  • Matthew Balhoff, Ph.D. , Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
  • Yashar Mehmani

Background/unmet need

Under certain conditions, flow and transport physics at the pore-scale do not lend themselves to simple averaging, or representation by a "Darcy-type" model. In this case, special simulation strategies are needed that allow for the coexistence of pore-scale and Darcy-scale subdomains within the same computational domain.

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed Multiscale-Multiphysics Network Simulator, a novel software that performs mortar domain decomposition on fully pore-scale as well as mixed-scale domains (i.e., those in which continuum- and pore-scale regions simultaneously coexist). It is also unique in its network modeling module, in which an array of flow and transport modeling approaches have been implemented. These include conceptual, algorithmic, and numeric innovations that have led to increased computational performance as well as improved predictive capability when compared to lab experiments.

Invention Description

The invented software is a highly computationally efficient and predictive tool that simulates flow and transport on a large fully pore-scale domain, or a domain that consists of a mixture of pore-scale and Darcy-scale sub-domains. The network modeling module of this tool is quite flexible and comprehensive in its treatment of various flow/transport physics, algorithmic innovations, numerical considerations, implementation advantages such as vectorization, etc. Various transport physics are separately captured through the various network modeling modules.


  • High computational efficiency
  • Satisfactory parallel scalability
  • Increased predictive capacity when compared to experiments


  • Novel coupling algorithms for gluing the pore-scale and/or Darcy-scale sub-domains.
  • Very efficient use of vectorization for high computational performance
  • Parallelization of satisfactory efficiency and scalability
  • Capturing of various pore-scale transport physics

Market potential/applications

Service companies in the oil industry, and/or academic institutions.

Development Stage

Beta product/commercial prototype