Campus Response to Intervention Progress Monitoring Tool (RTI-PMT)

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  • Pamela Bell, Ph.D. , University of Texas at Austin
  • Vu Tran
  • Kathleen Walker , University of Texas at Austin

Background/unmet need

Many elementary schools are implementing a response to intervention (RTI) instructional framework. School leadership teams typically focus on meeting the needs of individual at-risk students and are often unable to organize student data to monitor how well the campus RTI model is working.

Invention Description

The Campus Response to Intervention Progress Monitoring Tool (RTI-PMT) is a cross-platform web-based app that helps campus leaders monitor progress in meeting campus goals to prevent learning difficulties in classrooms. The RTI-PMT lets campus leaders see, in real-time, how many students are at-risk, how resources are being used to provide them with intervention, and which teachers or grade levels need additional support. Using the tool over the course of an academic year allows campus leaders to identify areas where additional support is needed and to communicate progress towards achieving year-end goals with stakeholders.


  • No licensing costs
  • Runs inside any HTML5-compiant browser
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Can be used to track reading and/or math progress
  • Tracks students’ progress over time
  • Based on teachers’ decisions regarding intervention settings provided to students
  • The app and all student data reside in databases on local campus servers.


  • Tracks individual student, grade-level, and campus progress toward meeting goals in real-time
  • Includes charts that display three data points in an academic year
  • Customizable entry-exit criteria for intervention settings
  • Reflects campus model of tiered intervention settings

Market potential/applications

Elementary schools

Development Stage

Commercial product

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