Performance Assessment Workbench

Computing & Wireless : Utility Software

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  • Carlos Rosales-Fernandez , University of Texas at Austin

Background/unmet need

The Performance Assessment Workbench addresses the lack of a well-documented, simple-to-install and -execute system benchmark that contains specific tests for accelerators such as NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi co-processors.

Invention Description

The Performance Assessment Workbench (PAW) is a suite of simple codes designed
to test baseline performance in high-performance computing systems.


    PAW provides the ability to establish a baseline performance quickly for any Linux cluster, and does so with well-documented code so that its results are understandable and trustworthy.


    PAW provides a series of codes written in C and designed to test floating-point performance using BLAS routines, and MPI performance of both point-to-point and collective operations. It also provides specific codes to test NVIDIA GPU and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor performance.

Market potential/applications

PAW is designed for academics and open centers to test the baseline performance of their computing systems in a transparent and straightforward manner.

Development Stage

Beta product/commercial prototype