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  • Keith Hutchison, Ph.D. , Center for Space Research

Background/unmet need

Textbooks are expensive, can become outdated shortly after publication, and are oftentimes unaffordable by school districts.

Invention Description

The instructional materials are developed using the Texas InfoMart, a web-based data dissemination system developed in cooperation with NASA and the Raytheon Systems Company. The Texas InfoMart vertically integrates remotely-sensed data and products, acquired by satellites belonging to NASA’s Earth Observing System (EOS) Program, with other satellite data collected at the University of Texas Center for Space Research and very high resolution databases available through the State of Texas GIS user community.


    Students are able to view cutting-edge, remotely sensed imagery and products created from satellite data used by scientists and engineers working on disaster relief (i.e. flooding, forest fires, droughts, and coastal water infestations). Students will observe, via one meter resolution imagery, environment issues unique to their local neighborhoods.


    Satellite data are useful to teach many topics in science, geography, and mathematics. Analyses show impacts of current events including floods, droughts, water pollution, forest fires, and other events.Databases are current so students can view their local environments as they currently are. Periodicals tailored to each age group make learning fun.

Market potential/applications

Classroom teaching. Special courses. Science clubs.

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