PLAPACK Server Interface (PSI)

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  • Robert Van de Geijn, Ph.D. , Computer Science
  • Greg Morrow, Ph.D. , Computer Science

Background/unmet need

Mathematical software packages perform complex analysis and modeling; however, these systems can only solve a limited size of problems because of memory and CPU power limitations. Other software applications have attempted to apply the use of a parallel machine, but they are still limited in the complexity of problems they can solve because data is continuously passing back and forth between the machines.

Invention Description

PSI is an interface that allows PLAPACK (Parallel Linear Algebra Package), executing computationally intense problems on a parallel architecture, to be accessed from a mathematical software environment. Third-party software runs on a workstation, while parallel computation is performed entirely on a separate massively parallel machine. Memory and CPU power can scale linearly allowing interactive software packages to solve even larger, more complex problems.


  • Inexpensive
  • User-friendly
  • Less user programming
  • More complex problems solved in less time
  • General purpose interface usable in a variety of third party packages and parallel machines


    High performance by operating on submatrices and subvectorsApplication-centric data distribution

Market potential/applications

The intended users are scientists and engineers who work in such environments to prototype new algorithms for scientific applications.

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