Prestressed Masonry Wall Assembly

Physical Sciences : Civil Engineering

Available for licensing


  • Francisco Gomes , School of Architecture
  • Dabney Gomes , Gomes Staub Architects

Background/unmet need

Existing masonry wall assemblies require surface-mounted building services or simultaneous execution of the masonry work alongside various building trades such as electricians or damp-proofing installers (who otherwise would start their on-site work later in the building construction sequence). 

Invention Description

The invention is a single face shell masonry wall unit for assembly using groutless post-tensioned vertical reinforcement.


  • Installation of various building trades independent of masonry installation
  • Flexibility in work scheduling
  • Improved construction efficiency


  • Single-face shell
  • Prestressed vertical reinforcement
  • Stiffening ribs perpendicular to the shell

Market potential/applications

Building construction materials, especially those for single-width walls 

IP Status