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With the big-picture vision of innovation and collaboration, successful commercialization requires close collaboration among all stakeholders. In a focused effort to provide forums for UT Austin researchers to hear and interact with campus experts and other professional resources regarding the discovery and commercialization process, OTC hosts and participates in strategic education and networking events that examine how to navigate challenges as discoveries emerge from academic research and move through the path of lab to market. Click the tabs below to see OTC’s sustained pursuit and facilitation of these opportunities.

UT researchers are at the core of the university’s research and scientific advances that exemplify What Starts Here Changes the World. In an on-going effort to support faculty, OTC hosts and participates in outreach programs that explore the discovery and commercialization process. Guiding researchers through every phase of commercialization, from initial consultations and intellectual property protection, to licensing deployment; the programs are designed for UT faculty, graduate students, and research staff who are interested in turning their ideas into reality. Learn, be inspired, and network with colleagues and see why. Click the Programs & Signature Events tab above to view additional OTC activities.

Commercialization Series

Innovation Center StARTup Studios

Throughout the year, OTC hosts and participates in conferences, symposiums, and events on the UT campus and in the Greater Austin area which focus on diverse aspects of research, innovation, and commercialization. These endeavors support those in the commercialization ecosystem, assists OTC in strengthening existing relationships, and expands opportunities with new partnerships. Click the Faculty Outreach tab above for more details.

Inventor of the Year Ceremony & Reception

Each year, the Inventor Award Ceremony & Reception recognizes UT Austin researchers who excel in their field and are making life-changing discoveries in the university’s labs and research centers.

SXSW Interactive Festival


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