OTC Metrics



Over the past ten fiscal years, the Office of Technology Commercialization at The University of Texas at Austin has processed 1,640 invention disclosures and received $156 million in licensing revenues. In patent activity, the past ten fiscal years have seen OTC file roughly 2,400 U.S. and foreign patent applications, and receive 786 issued patents in the United States and worldwide. OTC has signed 353 exclusive and non-exclusive licenses in the past ten years, and 65 startups companies have been spun off from OTC technologies in the same time period—53 of them in Texas.

Public reporting

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) is a global network of approximately 3,200 technology transfer professionals from more than 300 universities, research institutions, teaching hospitals and government agencies, as well as hundreds of companies involved with managing and licensing innovations derived from academic and nonprofit research. AUTM releases a Licensing Activity Survey every year offering quantitative licensing information about the activity of The University of Texas System, along with other U.S. and Canadian universities, hospitals, and research institutions.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) was created by the Texas Legislature in 1965 to provide leadership and coordination for the Texas higher education system. The THECB collects and analyzes data from the 147 public and independent institutions of higher education in Texas.