Great Idea!

Introducing Idea Note

We realize in the course of your research, you often uncover potentially valuable ideas – some that may be the basis for the next game changing start up, some that could revolutionize the industry, some that may have huge societal impact, or some that are not ready to be commercialized but are prime candidates for more research. We understand that filling out formal disclosure forms may be cumbersome and even impractical based on the stage of your idea.

For these reasons, the Office of Technology Commercialization is happy to launch “Idea Note,” an absolutely quick and easy way for researchers to discuss their ideas and inventions with us. By collaborating early in the process of invention, we increase the success of preserving IP rights and engaging relevant constituents to propel the idea forward, ultimately bringing it out of the lab and into the marketplace.

Idea Note is informal, but still confidential. When we receive your Idea Note we will immediately contact you to begin discussing your idea and planning for its future. While the Idea Note is not intended to replace a formal invention disclosure, it is a convenient way to get things started, including getting commercially relevant feedback on your ideas.

The first draft of your publication might be a great time to submit – simply send in the abstract along with the Idea Note.

Send us an Idea Note today! And keep the ideas rolling!

Questions? Email or call us at 512-471-2995.