Cockrell School of Engineering

New Malware Detector Identifies Bugs By Monitoring Power Usage

Malware is evasive, intelligent and sneaky. No sooner than anti-virus software is updated to combat the latest attacks, a computer virus will have already evolved into something harder to detect and potentially more …

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College of Natural Sciences

Using Machine Learning to Revolutionize the Future of Food Production

Water, sunlight, nutrients—these ingredients are essential for plant growth. However, these basic ingredients don’t always yield the ideal plant. In fact, optimizing these variables is complicated, causing some …

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Office of the President

National Instruments Co-Founders Inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame

National Instruments co-founders James Truchard and Jeff Kodosky, who founded one of the country’s pioneering technology companies while working at The University of Texas at Austin, have been selected as 2019 …

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