Fundamentals of Research Administration

fundamentals of ra workshop

Fundamentals of Research Administration is a two-day workshop offered in pre and post award modules that are taught by content experts with broad experience in the field of research administration. The in-person workshop provides both instruction as well as the opportunity to tackle case studies and practice applying the knowledge presented. Participants receive companion reference materials and job aids to provide new employees with a strong foundation in research administration.


Fundamentals in Research Administration is tailored to those who are new to the field, new to research administration at UT Austin, or moving into a new area of research administration at the University. This program may also benefit those interested in learning more about research administration and staff whose job responsibilities are less than 80% of research administration.


The Fundamentals workshop provides a strong foundation in both federal regulation and UT policy and procedures in order to equip research administrators to more successfully guide UT’s Principal Investigators through the administrative challenges and responsibilities of proposal and award management.


  • Instructor-led workshop
  • Interactive case studies
  • Companion resources and references
  • Catered lunch to facilitate collaborative relationships with colleagues

Learning Objectives

  • University organizational structure and roles and responsibilities related to sponsored research
  • Sponsor types and award mechanisms (grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, and gifts)
  • Applicability of federal regulations (Uniform Guidance and Federal Acquisition Regulations)
  • Applying cost principles to budgeting items of direct cost
  • Understanding applicability of the University’s various indirect cost (F&A) rates, pre-approved exceptions, and how and when to request an F&A waiver
  • Identifying project type: Organized Research vs. Other Sponsored Activities vs. Instruction
  • University policy and procedures related to PI status
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policies and procedures and impacts at proposal and award
  • Cost sharing processes and procedures for proposing, tracking, and reporting
  • Compliance overview (RCR, FCOI, IRB, IACUC, Export Controls)
  • How to request and manage credits or spend available requests
  • Federal regulations and University policies and procedures for budget revisions, changes to key personnel, adding/remove subawards, requesting no cost extensions, carry forward, and cash advances
  • Financial management processes for cost transfers and effort reporting
  • Roles and responsibilities for sponsor reporting: financial reports, project/deliverable reports, and final closeout reporting


  • Catharine Corder, Senior Administrative Program Coordinator – Training Development, The Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Julie Campos, Senior Grants Administrator – Pre-award, Moody College of Communications
  • Liz Kogan, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist, College of Education, Office of the Dean
  • Mike Martindale, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist – Post-award Account Specialist, The Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Joy Hatch, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist – Post-award Account Specialist, The Office of Sponsored Projects
  • Tania Tost, Senior Grants Administrator – Post-award, Moody College of Communications


The Fundamentals workshop is offered twice each year at the same time so departments can rely on it for on-boarding new employees whose responsibilities include sponsored research activities. Look for announcements on the RAN listserv, the OSP Newsletter, and the OSP calendar where all on-campus training opportunities are listed. Registration is managed through Research TRACKS where continuing education hours for all research-related training are recorded.

Spring: March

Fall: November

Day 1 (Pre Award)
10:00 am  Registration and check-in
10:30 am – 12:00 pm  Morning Presentations
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 – 3:30 pm  Afternoon Presentations

Day 2 (Post Award)
10:00 am  Registration and check-in
10:30 am – 12:00 pm  Morning Presentations
12:00 pm  Lunch
12:30 – 3:30 pm  Afternoon Presentations