OVPR Cost Sharing Requests

Certain agency and foundation proposals require institutional cost share. The Office of the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Creative Endeavors (OVPR) is working to improve the competitiveness of proposals with mandatory cost share requirements by using cash cost sharing wherever possible. OVPR avoids using F&A reductions as a cost share contribution unless the sponsor explicitly states that this is preferred.

Consider the following before submitting a cost share request to OVPR:

  • The PI team is expected to contribute their time to the cost share to the extent possible/allowable.
  • The units involved in the proposal are normally expected to make a cash contribution at least equal to the value of the F&A that a successful proposal will generate for the unit.
  • The unit and college will be responsible for correctly valuing any in-kind or external contributions to the cost share and for covering any additional share should the agency dispute the value of these contributions.
  • OVPR contributes cash cost share wherever possible.
  • The final, approved version of the cost share form must be accompanied by commitment letters from all parties making contributions.
  • OVPR does not contribute to voluntary cost sharing.

Cost sharing requests must be received in OVPR, along with a draft of the proposal narrative, at least three (3) weeks prior to the proposal submission deadline.

See Cost-Sharing Procedures for additional information.

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