Welcome to the Human Subjects and Institutional Review Board (IRB) home page for the Office of Research Support and Compliance at The University of Texas at Austin. We recently updated our website and hope you enjoy our site’s new look.

You can learn more about what constitutes human subjects research at our What is human subjects research? page.

If you have been asked to participate in a study and have questions about your rights and the obligations of researchers our Research Participants pages are for you.

Answers to questions about our office, the IRB application process, consent requirements, recruitment, and other questions are available on our FAQs page while our Special Topics pages provide information on a number of areas involving human subjects research.

AAHRPP SealTo submit a new IRB application, amendment, continuing review, or problem report visit IRBaccess. If you are experiencing problems with IRBacess our Step by Step Tips may help. Our User Guide contains a more exhaustive explanation of the IRBacess and the IRB application process. For an overview of the application process timeframe, visit our Timeline page. To view a current listing of Departmental Review Chairs visit our DRC Listing page.

As you work on your IRB application be sure to visit our Forms page which contains downloadable versions of most of the forms you will need for your IRB application.

To see a listing of currently scheduled IRB Meetings and submission deadlines go to the Meeting Dates and Deadlines page. The IRB Policies and Procedures Manual contains current policies and procedures and is regularly updated to reflect new standards, regulations and University of Texas at Austin policy about human subjects research.

To learn more about IRB training requirements go to our Training page. To access the CITI website through the The University of Texas at Austin portal visit https://utdirect.utexas.edu/citi/citi_login.WBX.