COI News

Effective Monday, February 6, 2017, FCOI training will be housed within the financial interest disclosure (FID) form via the electronic submission system, eProtocol.

The FCOI training will no longer be completed through the University Compliance Training System (CTS). This means that researchers will no longer need to go to CTS first and then eProtocol second. The FCOI training is built in to the FID form, such that when researchers complete the FID form, they will have also completed FCOI training.

Prior CTS completion records will be maintained and researchers are not required to re-take the FCOI training as a result of this change. FCOI training will only need to be re-taken when the record expires or when the FID form expires, whichever occurs first. Over time, the expiration date of FCOI training and the FID form will be one and the same.

To learn more about the revised FCOI training process, visit the FCOI training page here.