PI Credit Request

Credit requests will be considered on a case by case basis, with the following GENERAL Guidelines:

  1. Requests for credit against industry sponsor funds yet to be received will be considered where the sponsor has an acceptable credit rating and/or a proven history of payment performance with UT Austin, e.g.
    1. an ExxonMobil for example, and/or
    2. the funds in question are an extension of a project where the sponsor consistently met its prior payment obligations.
  2. Credit requests based on funds from
    1. start-up companies,
    2. smaller companies with whom UT Austin does not have a prior payment history, and
    3. foreign companies

    will generally NOT be considered unless the PI and the company can show sufficient reason the request should be considered.

In either case, 1 or 2,

  • there must be a fully executed SRA in place documenting the sponsor’s payment obligation,
  • said request and any supporting rationale must be submitted in a timely manner to allow sufficient time to evaluate the request in advance of any deadline for expenditure of the funds, AND
  • the Credit Request must submitted in a form in accordance with this Credit Request Memorandum (Word) .

The “case by case” comes into play when the inevitable questions start around definitions of the elements of these guidelines, to wit:  “start-up”, “smaller companies”, “sufficient reason”, “timely manner” etc.

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