Request for Waiver of Indirect Costs

In sponsored research projects where the Principal Investigator believes circumstances warrant a waiver of IDC, the PI will now route the Request for Waiver to their respective Associate Dean for Research (or their designee) for review and consideration. The Request for Waiver should be routed to the Associate Dean for Research prior to the PI submitting the proposal to either Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) or Office of Industry Engagement (OIE).

After review and consideration, the Associate Dean will advise the PI of the following:

  1. Waiver of IDC is recommended and has been forwarded to the Vice President for Research for review and a final decision.
  2. Waiver of IDC is NOT recommended, and the request is being returned to the PI with a request that full IDC be included in the proposal before submitting it to either OSP or OIE.

A more detailed explanation of UT’s IDC adjustment/reduction policy is provided on OSP’s website.

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