Senior Design Project

The UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering and College of Natural Science consistently work in collaboration with outside entities to develop problems-based courses described as Senior Design Projects. Companies wishing to propose a research problem for an educational benefit should contact either the Cockrell School of Engineering or College of Natural Science.

Note that many companies will require Non-Disclosure Agreements be executed in connection with these senior design projects. These NDAs will be between the company and the students as individuals; the University will not enter into an institutional NDA with a company providing information to a senior design project. The University does not negotiate NDAs on behalf of individuals, and the company will be expected to contact the individual students to execute, collect, and administer the NDAs. Likewise the University does not retain copies of NDAs executed by students/individuals although the department is certainly welcome to do so if it so desires.

Pertinent Office(s):

  • College Dean or Department Chair
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