Human Tissue Agreements

Human tissue is classified as a biohazardous material. As such, a biosafety form must be completed and submitted to the University’s Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). The IBC is composed of University faculty and staff and community members. The IBC reviews and assesses research projects conducted on campus or by University faculty which use biohazardous materials. Projects are reviewed for safety to personnel, the public, and the environment. The IBC provides oversight and reporting for Federal, State, and local regulations that apply to the possession and use of biohazardous materials. The IBC includes faculty experts in animal, plant, and microbiological gene transfer and utilization, therapeutic gene transfer, and vaccine production. In addition, IBC members have expertise in veterinary medicine, biosafety, and regulatory issues to ensure a comprehensive review of biohazardous research conducted at the University.

The IBC reviews research using the following materials:

  • Recombinant DNA
  • Human or non human primate tissue, blood or body fluids
  • Select Agents or Biotoxins
  • Infectious Agents

University researchers using any of these materials need to register the research project with the IBC.

The IBC is willing to assist researchers register projects to facilitate a smooth review process. For assistance contact the IBC with the Office of Research Support and Compliance (RSC) to make arrangements.

For more information, visit the RSC website.

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