Agreement TypePertinent Office(s)
Advance PaymentOIE
Author Rights/LicensesBusiness Contracts Office
Building and Facility Use (external and internal)Business Contracts Office
Clinical TrialsOSP
Consulting AgreementsIndividual Faculty, OVPR
Copyright LicenseBusiness Contracts Office
Data Use Agreements (DUAs)OIE, OSP
Data Use LicensesOIE, OSP, Business Contracts Office
Equipment LeaseBusiness Contracts Office
Equipment Loan Agreements (ELA)Business Contracts Office
Equipment Use Agreements (for research purposes)Business Contracts Office
Export Control AgreementsOSP
Fellowship AgreementsOIE, OSP
GiftsDevelopment Office
GrantsOffices of Corporation and Foundation Relations, OSP, OIE
Human Subject AgreementsRSC
Human Tissue AgreementsRSC
Industrial Affiliate Programs (IAPs)OIE, OVPR
Interagency Cooperation ContractBusiness Contracts Office
Interlocal AgreementBusiness Contracts Office
International SRAOIE, OSP
Licenses (for use of copyrighted material)Business Contracts Office
Master Research Agreements (MRAs)OIE, OSP
Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)OIE, OSP
Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)OIE, OSP
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)OIE, OSP, OTC, Business Contracts Office
Patent License AgreementsOTC
Proposal Submission and Research Contracting ProcessOIE, OSP
Purchase Orders (POs)Purchasing Office
Research Participation Agreements (RPAs)OIE, OVPR
Senior Design ProjectCollege Dean or Department Chair, Office of Legal Affairs
Services AgreementsBusiness Contracts Office
Site Access AgreementBusiness Contracts Office
Software Design/Development (for UT’s use)Business Contracts Office
Software LicensesBusiness Contracts Office
Software License AgreementsPurchasing Office
Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs)OIE, OSP
Subcontracts (outgoing) – All OtherOIE, OSP
Subcontracts (outgoing) under SRAs, IAPs, RPAs, or Clinical TrialsOIE, OSP
Teaming AgreementsOSP
Translation ServicesCollege Dean or Department Chair
Unfunded Collaboration AgreementsOffice of Legal Affairs
Visiting Scholars and ResearchersOVPR
Work Made for HireBusiness Contracts Office
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