Human Subjects Research Restart

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Beginning May 17, 2021, all tiers (A-D) of Human Subjects Research may be reactivated with associate dean for research (ADR) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. The plan, linked below, covers the university’s guiding principles as they relate to human subjects research. This plan to resume activities has the overarching goal of keeping everyone as safe as possible while increasing research activity in a phased approach and maintaining safety protocols. Efforts to resume human subjects research will follow the principles outlined in UT’s overall Research Restart plan but also require attention to new issues, including informed consent of participants, required processes for COVID-19 screening and positive test notification, and assessment of COVID-19 transmission risk as well as potential benefits to study participants.

There are 3 requirements that must be in place before you may reactivate or begin face-to-face human participant interactions:

  1. You must have approval from your college, school, or unit, typically through your associate dean for research (ADR).
  2. You must have Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for the activities you will conduct. If your study procedures are already IRB-approved, no further notification to the IRB is necessary for reactivation.
  3. The study must fall within the scope of the currently approved Human Subjects Research Restart Tier(s). (See Human Subjects Research Restart Plan linked below.)
Beginning May 17, 2021, all tiers (A-D) of Human Subjects Research are permitted with ADR and IRB approval.

To submit your request to resume Research Level 0 Human Subjects Research, follow the link for the appropriate College or School on the primary Research Restart page.

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