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Science from Space Symposium

**The Office of the Vice President for Research is committed to protecting the health and safety of our community by seeking to reduce the public spread of COVID-19 by following the University’s Event Guidelines. We are postponing this event to a future, undetermined date.**

Science from Space Symposium

Does your research involve space borne observations? Would space borne observations provide an advantage to your research? Come learn more about current UT capabilities and science related to space borne observations. The Office of the Vice President for Research and the Earth Science Research Interest Group are excited to invite you to the Science from Space Symposium. Join us at the Symposium to learn more!

Event Description:

UT has a wide array of researchers involved in space borne observations, including engineers studying and designing space borne instruments and systems, and scientists analyzing space borne observations for studying everything from ecology to geology and beyond! Yet the size of UT’s community often inhibits cross-disciplinary discussions that might lead to novel and exciting avenues of collaborative research.

The goal of this symposium is to bring together a diverse group of UT faculty and research scientists involved with space borne observations to increase awareness of specific capabilities and expertise at the university.

Short, lightning-style talks are solicited from participants willing to discuss their areas of expertise, critical questions in their discipline and their primary technical capabilities and challenges. Such talks can cover the research of individual PIs and research groups, ongoing ideas for future space missions, or capabilities of larger organizations, such as the Center for Space Research (CSR) or the Texas Spacecraft Laboratory (TSL). All interested parties are encouraged to attend, even if you are not explicitly planning to present.

The following groups will be highlighted at the Symposium:

  • Texas Spacecraft Laboratory (TSL)
    • The Texas Spacecraft Laboratory is a student-driven research group under the direction of Dr. Brandon Jones dedicated to designing and building small satellites, securing launches into space, and operating them once in orbit. The TSL actively collaborates with other university research groups, governmental organizations, and/or private industries, and is involved in several outreach activities.
  • Center for Space Research (CSR)
    • The Center for Space Research is a leader and innovator in mission planning, design, and execution of spacecraft, aircraft, and ground-based campaigns. CSR expertise has led, supported and enhanced many missions that have improved our knowledge of complex processes ranging from how the Earth’s system operates to exploring questions regarding fundamental physics.
  • Institute for Geophysics – Mission Science
  • Applied Research Laboratories (ARL:UT)
    • A comprehensive science and engineering focused laboratory with diverse technical capabilities in areas associated with many mission critical technologies. ARL:UT brings expertise in the following areas:
      • Precision navigation and timing, Precision attitude determination, GNSS
      • Space-based communications and antenna design
      • Geodesy
      • System engineering and real-time operations
      • Mission planning, development and support
      • Remote Sensing

Please reach out to EJ Lee-Furman with any questions about this event.

Mar 27, 2020