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Planet Texas 2050 Resilience Roundtable Series

Water as Muse and Collaborator in Community-Based Arts Practice

Water has always existed as a paradox. It enacts both destruction and creation, it heals as well as harms. It shapes the land by both carrying away and leaving behind. Water tells the stories of the earth over and over again. Artists are among many who remind us to continually listen and remember: not only does water sustain the communities of life on earth, but living bodies, including human ones, are themselves bodies of water. Artistic practice, particularly that which is rooted in community, can draw us into this remembering, into this ethic of care that extends to all life.

Join us for this panel discussion that brings together artists of many disciplines who work with water as creator and collaborator towards strengthening our bonds and commitments to the water that all depend on.


Event details and RSVP: https://waterasmuseroundtable.splashthat.com/

Oct 04, 2023
12:00 pm

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