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Designing Research for Broader Impacts

Interested in increasing funding for your lab? Aiming to connect with proposal reviewers? Building new research programs at your university?

The National Science Foundation, in partnership with the Southwest I-Corps Program, is offering an advanced program designed to improve research funding for Texas faculty and scientists. Leveraging the success of the NSF’s I-Corps programs, we will practice techniques that embrace the scientific method to focus on clarifying and framing the Broader Impacts of your planned research into a compelling proposal narrative.

Throughout the program we will work to develop connections and links of your research concepts to the broader stakeholder ecosystem so that your research group can refine its research agenda and build the foundation for a sustainable research pipeline. We will use specialized development techniques to define the impact that you could create as a result of your research findings, and align your research agenda with these proposed outcomes.

Please see the flyer for program benefits, requirements and schedule. For more information contact Aprille Busch at abusch@ati.utexas.edu.

Registration link: http://bit.ly/research-design-fall21

Sep 29, 2021 - Nov 03, 2021

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