Proteomics Research & Course Updates

Please join us for a weekly online series of proteomics presentations/journal club to hear about recent proteomics research at the facility or around Texas and learn more about new techniques. Contact to get the Zoom link.

We are taking a break from proteomics to talk about pandemic! We will have an informal group discussion of COVID-19 disease with Dean Brent Iverson giving an insider view on May 7 at 4 pm. Learn more about coronavirus and COVID-19 from Nature and Science. The following week will be Dr. Elyssia Gallagher from Baylor University speaking on “Pushing the boundaries of H/D exchange-mass spectrometry to analyze glycans” on May 14 at 3:30 pm.

CH N190/N153K, Mass Spectrometry for Chemists, will be taught this summer by Dr. Ian Riddington, Director of the Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility. Course description: Mass Spectrometry is an incredibly powerful analytical technique. It has a multitude of applications from measuring contaminants in drinking water, to detecting post translational modifications in proteins. Being such a huge field though, it can be overwhelming, especially as many students have never taken a mass spec class.

This course is aimed at the Chemist/Biologist/Engineer that is using Mass Spectrometry in the course of their research. The overall aim is to bring together many seemingly unrelated areas of chemistry, in a way that will enhance understanding. That in turn will allow students to obtain maximum benefits from the instrumentation available at UT Austin.