Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility Releases New Publication

Dr. William Shawlot, Director of the Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility, is co-corresponding author with Som Mukhopadhyay (College of Pharmacy) on Taylor, C. A., Shawlot, W., Ren, J. X., & Mukhopadhyay, S. (2019). Generation and validation of tissue-specific knockout strains for toxicology research. Current Protocols in Toxicology81, e86. doi: 10.1002/cptx.86

Click this link to read paper.

Mass Spectrometry Imaging Core Awarded CPRIT Grant

A CPRIT grant has been awarded to build a High Performance Mass Spectrometry Imaging Core Facility that will develop novel methods to provide detailed molecular information for tissue imaging. State of the art mass spectrometry equipment will be purchased to utilize both MALDI and DESI ionization sources with ultra-violet photodissociation MS/MS fragmentation for cancer research. Jennifer Brodbelt is the P.I., working in partnership with Livia Eberlin and Maria Person. The facility is expected to begin operations in the spring of 2020.

New Installation of Bruker Autoflex and Thermo QExactive

The Biological Mass Spectrometry core is installing a new Bruker Autoflex and will soon have MALDI-TOF/TOF available for self service for checking molecular weights, doing polymer analysis, TLC plate reading, and MS/MS for structural characterization

The new Thermo QExactive installation is in process and will be set up to conduct untargeted metabolomics experiments by late fall.