X-ray Data Collection

The Macromolecular Crystallography Facility features two complete X-ray crystallography systems. A VariMax HighRes optical system is mounted on one port of the high flux Rigaku MicroMax 007HF X-ray generator, facilitating the resolution of diffraction data from crystals with large unit cell dimensions. A VariMax HighFlux optical system mounted on the other port of the MicroMax 007HF enables data collection from small and weakly diffracting crystals. An Rigaku R-AXIS IV++ image plate detector and Oxford Cryosystems cryo-cooling system are mounted on each X-ray port.

The facility supports cryocrystallography with tools from Hampton Research and has a dewar for the storage of frozen crystals for future data collection. Support of data collection at synchrotron sources throughout the country is provided. The facility has two dewars for the shipping of crystals and 14 Universal V1 pucks and associated tools for remote, automounted data collection.

The Facility sponsors and coordinates frequent shipments of crystals to the Advanced Light Source synchrotron for remote data collection. Announcements of upcoming synchrotron beamtime will appear in the news section of the facility home page.

Macromolecular crystal samples may be submitted to the facility for data collection. Training and assistance is available for interested users of the X-ray data collection equipment. Instruments can be reserved and used by trained users. Please complete and submit a Service Request for any of these services.

Description of X-ray Data Collection Services

  • X-ray Usage – Use of the RAXIS-IV++ detector on the Rigaku MicroMax-007 HF X-ray generator for the measurement of the diffraction of crystals.
  • Synchrotron Usage – Shipment of one crystal, mounted on a cryopin, to a synchrotron beamline. Service includes the arrangement of beamtime and the transfer and storage of diffraction data.
  • Data Collection by Staff – Collection of X-ray diffaction data by staff with the home X-ray or synchrotron source.
  • Training – Training on an instrument or method.