Sanger Sequencing

Our rapid turn-around time accelerates the pace of research. The Sanger sequencing service uses the industry’s standard for automated, high-throughput capillary electrophoresis instrumentation. With high quality single- or double-stranded DNA templates (including PCR products) our service delivers high-accuracy reads of up to 1000 bases.


  • Sequencing with BigDye chemistry
    • single tube
    • plate-based, high-throughput
    • HSP (hairpin, stemloop, palindrome) for problematic templates
  • Fragment analysis applications
    • microsatellites
    • AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism)
    • Single nucleotide polymorphism and mutation detection
    • Chromosomal insertion and deletion (INDEL)

Additional Services

  • Plasmid Prep + Sequencing
  • Automated liquid handling

Enter a service request online and drop off DNA samples at our lab: MBB1.426L

Write us at or call 512-475-7844.

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