CBRS Operations Update

The CBRS cores and stores are operating under modified processes to support labs with exemptions from the Vice President for Research. We will update the information for how to use the cores here, with smaller changes announced in the news section.

All CBRS services will require BACS access. Campus buildings are locked and doors to labs must remain closed. To request BACS access to CBRS facilities, please contact the Director or Manager of the facility you are interested in using.

The Proteomics Facility will continue accepting and processing samples but the lab will remain locked. MBB 1.420 lab access requires advance notification and scheduling, contact the lab at 512-471-2895 or pmaf@austin.utexas.edu, this requirement includes dropping off samples or use of equipment and computers. Wear gloves before entering the lab, sign in and sign out is required. Consultations will be held by phone or teleconference.

The Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility will continue to accept model development projects, cryopreservation, and cryorecovery projects. Contact Bill Shawlot (512 471-3918, wshawlot@austin.utexas.edu) for assistance.

Users of the Bioinformatics Core can email one of the bioinformaticians directly or email the entire group at bcg@utgsaf.org for consultations and appointments. The staff will not be available at their FNT offices, but will meet with users through Zoom, Skype or telephone. Courses offered by the bioinformatics core will be taught through Zoom. All staff members will continue to telecommute until advised otherwise by the University.

The Microscopy Core is open to researchers on a modified schedule. On weekdays, the MBB facility is open from 12:30 pm to midnight, and open 24/7 on weekends. The NMS and HDB rooms are open 24/7 on weekdays and weekends. All reservations must be made by staff at this time. For access to light microscopes contact annawebb@utexas.edu; for access to electron microscopes contact Michelle at mfmikesh@utexas.edu; for access to FACS equipment contact Richard at rasalinas@utexas.edu. For detailed information on our new usage policies, please go to: https://research.utexas.edu/cbrs/cores/mfc/.

The Electronics Services Core will continue to support exempted labs for repair issues. Requests should be made through jgoutier@austin.utexas.edu.

GSAF Sanger Core: We are still open and processing samples, you may submit samples any day of the week, please submit the samples in the boxes outside MBB 1.426. Please note, we are still not accepting samples for cleanup until further notice.

GSAF NGS Core: We are still open and processing samples, we are diligently working to prep and sequence all samples submitted prior to the lab shutdowns and then we will continue with operations in order to support any COVID-19 research.

For any work that will require either core, please be sure to contact Jessica Podnar at gsaf@utgsaf.org to discuss your plans. We are here to support all your research needs but we need to make sure we have the right reagents stocked and the needed lab members on call.

STEM Stockroom hours are: 9 am – 12 pm, closed 12 pm – 1 pm, open again from 1 pm – 4 pm. Mailroom will be open from 9 am – 4 pm for package pickups. Access to both locations is available through the loading dock. Contact Gilbert Pinto (gapinto74@utexas.edu) with questions.

The Crystallography Core services located in FNT B.101 and NHB 4.129 will soon be available through the Cryo-EM Core. Stay tuned for updates!

The Cryo-EM Core is operating under modified procedures. Please contact David Taylor (dtaylor@utexas.edu) for instructions.

The Biomedical Research Support Facility (BRCF) is continuing operations largely as normal, although support requests through rctf-support@utexas.edu may experience longer than usual delays.

The Biomedical Research Supplies Core will continue to receive deliveries of dry ice and liquid nitrogen in MBB 1.122 and to restock the units in MBB 1.316. Primer deliveries will also continue, but they are now picked up on the table outside of the Proteomics Facility (MBB 1.420). Please do not come to the Supply Core office. If you are unable to enter the building, you can call the building manager, Dwaine Benson, to be let in from 7 am – 4 pm. His phone number is posted on the doors. If you will regularly need access outside of those times, please contact us: Bryan at 512-471-0758 or Michelle at 512-471-2895 (icmbsc@austin.utexas.edu).