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The console within the Avaya Auditorium contains a standardized set of media sources consisting of an Internet-based PC computer, a high-resolution visualizer, a Blu-ray-CD-DVD Player, along with the cabling for connecting the video and audio output of any laptop computer into the Audio Video (A/V) System. The A/V System consists of an 8′ x 14′ wide rear-screen digital video projection system surrounded by an eight-channel digital audio system (DTS 7.1). All of these components are integrated and operated by the user through a standardized “user-friendly” touch panel. This facility also includes five pan-tilt-zoom digital video cameras and microphones that may be utilized with the building’s videoconferencing and webcasting (Mediasite and Adobe Connect) technologies for broadcasting live events or recording for event archival.

RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS:  To select or deselect a date or dates, click within the calendar on the desired date block(s) so that the date is highlighted in black (when selected) or not black (un-selected). Fill out all fields then click “Submit Reservation Request.” You will receive an email confirmation when your reservation is approved.

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Facility Details: 
Sources: DELL PC Desktop Computer/MonitorA/V System: 8’x14’ Rear Digital Video Projection
Sources: Visualizer (i.e. Doc Cam)A/V System: Dolby Digital/DTS Digital Audio
Sources: Blu-Ray-DVD-CD PlayerA/V System: Touch Panel Remote Control
Sources: Telephone ConferenceA/V System: Wireless Microphones (2x "lavalier"; 2x hand held; 4x table)
Connections: Laptop VGA w/ AudioRoom: Seating Capacity = 196
Connections: Laptop HDMIFeatures: Mediasite Webcasting
Connections: Laptop Mini DisplayPortFeatures: Adobe Connect Webcasting
Connections: Wired Internet / Wireless Internet


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